Dinner Menu


Freshly Shucked Oysters, Tavern Condiments 
($16 per half dozen) 

Deviled Crab Stuffed Clams $13 

Dressed Shrimp $14

Blue Crab Bisque with Vermouth and Tarragon $14

Caviar Presentation (Mkt.) 

Oeufs en Gelée with Trout Roe and Lettuces $13

Oysters McCrady $17

Beef Tartare with Onion Puffs $13

Beet au Poivre, Watercress, Blue Cheese $11 

Tavern Salad $13

Our Charcuterie $15

Foie Gras and Chicken Liver Parfait with Onion Toast $15

Calf’s Head Soup $10 
(The Unrivalled Cookbook, c.1885)

Escargot Stuffed Marrow Bone, Grilled Bread and Parsley $15


Tavern Burger, Béarnaise, Fries $16

Mafalde Pasta, Lamb Sausage, Basil and Pine Nuts $22

Crispy Veal Blanquette, Peas, Mushrooms and City Ham $32

Grilled Vegetables, Croustade, Garlic Soubise $21

Fried Pork Chop Sandwich, Fries $13

Spaghetti Chittarra, Shrimp, Burrata, Tomato, Chili $24

Tavern Steak à la Royale $26

Broiled Flounder, Confit of Tomato and Eggplant,
Sauce Vin Blanc

Grilled Pork Porterhouse, Melted Onions, Herb Salad,
Sauce Robert

Roast Chicken with Chicory and Pan Jus $27 



Ladies Cabbage

Tavern Fries

Creamed Greens

Dressed Lettuces

A Pie called Macaroni 
(Thomas Jefferson, c.1802)

Baked Broccoli, Cheddar and Oxtails

Potato Purée, Roasted Chicken Drippings &
Black Truffle Butter Pat

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Dinner: Sunday-Thursday 5pm-10pm
Friday-Saturday 5pm-11pm
Lunch: Wednesday-Friday 11:30am-2:30pm
Brunch: Saturday and Sunday 10:30am-2:30pm