McCrady’s Tavern Opens Friday: Here’s What to Know +

August 10, 2016 | Eater Charleston

Long-standing institution McCrady’s announced in May that the restaurant would shut down for a few weeks to transition into two concepts, McCrady’s Tavern and an updated version of McCrady’s.

“In late summer 2016, McCrady’s will move to an adjacent space and offer an evolution of the McCrady’s tasting menu experience. The current McCrady’s space will honor it rich history by transitioning back to its original purpose as a lively, everyday gathering place, and it will once again be known as McCrady’s Tavern.”

Concerned that patrons believed McCrady’s was going away, chef Sean Brock explained the changes to Eater as, “McCrady’s is taking a little nap, getting a new set of clothes, a little makeover, and is coming back stronger and cooler than ever.” Brock emphasized that the new, 22-seat space would be the McCrady’s he’d always wanted, with “the most intense food” he’s ever created and superb service that would leave guests in a state of revitalization.

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First look: Sean Brock releases McCrady’s Tavern menu +

August 9, 2016 | Charleston City Paper

Last week Sean Brock told Eater he was taking his new McCrady’s Tavern (2 Unity Alley) inspiration from the Gilded Age. Yes, my eyes got big at that quote too, but, as he’s revealed today with the release of his menu, the era’s notable excess will apparently begin and end on the plate. Thankfully, McCrady’s Tavern prices are nowhere near Rockefeller levels. In fact, the average entree price — $24 — is well below those at other recently opened spots such as Le Farfalle ($27) and Henrietta’s ($35). But that doesn’t mean his food won’t be decadent.

Brock says his idea with McCrady’s Tavern was to harness the creative spirit of the Gilded Age in so much as it allowed chefs to be wildly imaginative in order to meet the demands of their patrons’ outrageous diets. With that in mind, Brock says he’s tested and tested and tested again the items that make up McCrady’s Tavern menu. And what you see is a list of dishes that were only deemed worthy of inclusion after passing one final exam: “My theory is that a dish is only done when you can’t stop eating it, when you literally can’t control yourself. When it’s that addictive, when you wake up thinking about it and craving it, then the dish is done.”

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Sean Brock Reveals More Menu Teasers from McCrady’s Tavern +

August 4, 2016 | Eater Charleston

In case you missed it yesterday, chef Sean Brock unveiled his vision for the updates to the 2 Unity Alley address as McCrady’s Tavern. In addition to his overall idea for the restaurant as an affordable, lively nod to the Gilded Age, he also teased at some menu items. 

The Tavern is an idea that’s been bouncing around in my head for a few years now. I’ve always been obsessed with Pre-Depression American cooking. The food after the Civil War, and before the Great Depression, the Gilded Age, was a really, really cool moment for American cooking. This is when people were inventing things like baked Alaska, oysters Rockefeller, and lobster newburg and thermidor.

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