Presidential picks for visiting Charleston +

June 28, 2018 | CHS Today

On his third night in Charleston, Washington joined a few fellow members of the Society of the Cincinnati + other notable figures for a dinner at McCrady’s Long Room. Throughout the years, the structure on Unity Alley has served many purposes; including a tavern, a warehouse, + even, at one point, a paper company. Fortunately for those looking to recreate Washington’s trip, it ultimately returned to its original form– all the way down to the name.

Where to Locals Love to Eat +

June 1, 2018 | Taste of the South

One of the oldest cities in America, Charleston has successfully evolved into a modern metropolis without sacrificing the rich history of its landscape or architecture. With a skyline punctuated by church steeples instead of high-rise and streets lined with grand Georgian homes, this popular South Carolina destination envelops you with the charm of its colonial past while delighting you with a seemingly endless array of noteworthy restaurants, boutiques, and cultural opportunities. When it comes to dining, Charleston’s star has been rising for years, becoming a landing spot for some of the South’s most innovative chef’s.


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